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The War of The Web: The Fight Through The Eyes Of A Channer

Alright, before we get our shit stirred here, I love 4chan. Not for /b/, not for the extremely fuckhead “trollers”, but for what it can be good in. Creepypastas, greentexts, I love that shit. Not these guys spamming tumblr. I’ve been into 4chan for about a year or now, normally for laughing at greetexts. The fight going on is honestly a shame-on-you situation for both sides. The majority of Tumblr (like 20-40%) are being immature idjits about this. Swj are being quite the nussiance, and I don’t encourage that. But what I don’t encourage most of all, is the /b/ board and the ones attacking tumblr. Most of their tactics aren’t even working. Most of tumblr is just soaking up their idiocy. For those triggered and legitamately affected throughout this, please just change your password and leave for the next week or two. 4chan is planning more and more attacks throughout the next few weeks. They are planning a giant attack on July 20th, so be wary. Change your password and maybe 2-step verification to be sure. The staff is effectively cleaning up most tags, so you can have a little fresh air, but still be careful. Also, the entirety of 4chan, like me, are not all going with attacks. Do not be petty little cunts either and post retaliation on 4chan. It just makes things worse. 4chan composes of 80-90 boards. 2 or 3 of them(mainly /b/), are the ones attacking tumblr. Just let this all wash over. This won’t last more than a month. Godspeed to tumblr, you guys are most definitely more innocent, but keep in mind 90% of 4chan is too. 

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